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Syslserve is a free syslog server for windows. By default syslserve applies log rotation, daily compression of the logfiles. A entry consists of the time of the computer where syslserve runs, the source ip and the incoming message (unmodified). The time column is often redundant because the incoming message contains the time also. But it occurs to often that the router doesn't have the correct time settings or is using an different time server than other routers in the network. The source ip is ofcourse helpfull too identify the router where the syslog messages are coming from.


  • Easy setup, run and go
  • High performance, your hardware is the limiting factor
  • Automatically compresses daily the log files of yesterday
  • Every device (ip) has a seperate directory for the log files
  • Automatically splits up log files when they get bigger than 10Mib


29 Augustus 2013 - Updated this website, no deadlinks anymore to removed wiki.

24 March 2009 - Configuration file page updated with additional information of the tags that can be used within the config.xml.

22 March 2009 - Syslserve 1.06 is now available with Installer!

6 December 2008 - Released Version 1.06

  • Fixed: Security update, all versions prior to this one have a remote denial-of-service vulnerability.

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Syslserve 1.06 (stable) zip

Syslserve 1.06 (stable) installer

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